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Hello, and welcome to this site consisting solely of non-fiction writing. I could say that I’ve always found fact more fascinating than fiction. That is partly true. It is also true that saying I prefer non-fiction sounds better than admitting I don’t have the imagination to write fiction. I don’t. I couldn’t ever get started with fiction. Getting started writing anything is no small chore itself. Sometimes you get a lightning bolt (see above), sometimes it is more of a gnawing, guilty feeling that you are putting off something important. Were the articles on this site important enough to write about? Absolutely. Were they written about well enough? I brag that they are but you, dear reader, are the final judge of that.

So where are they? Pick a category that interests you on this page. Or check the About page, to which I have pinned one of my more popular articles, The Mysterious Death of Inger Stevens. After Inger comes my blog. By the way, the picture above is not of me. It is Father (and saint) Maximilian Kolbe, who sacrificed his life to save a brother.