Ode To The Orange Man

Joe Biden has declared victory. Donald Trump has declared war.

To be clear, I come to praise President Trump, not to bury him. That sets me apart from the crowd, and I’m okay with that. Yes, there is dancing in the streets over Joe Biden’s apparent victory over Mr. Evil Orange Man Bad.  And I’m okay with that too.

As if they had the authority to do so, the mainstream media (MSM) have anointed Joe Biden Mr. President Elect. They don’t have the legal authority to do that, and they know this. But they do it anyway.It is merely a continuation of the careful, almost maternal protection the MSM has shown toward Mr. Biden, who in less friendly circles is called “stumbling, mumbling, creepy, sleepy Joe.”

The protection of Joe Biden has extended from MSM to Big Tech, where Twitter took the unprecedented step of censoring a major national newspaper for reporting on the shady, international enterprise known as “Biden Inc.” Neither Joe nor Hunter Biden has declared Hunter’s laptop as “unverified,” or the Biden’s former business partner (who blew the whistle on Joe and Hunter) as less than credible.

Twitter disagrees. Interestingly, Twitter had no verification issues with the Steele dossier, which obviously was unverified. So the double standard is blatant: what hurts Trump is instantly credible, and what might possibly hurt Mr. Biden is censored. Twitter doesn’t seem to care how hypocritical they appear to thinking adults. Their latest censorship has been of the President’s own tweets. Facebook has followed suit.

Facebook has taken the laughable approach of appointing “fact checkers.” to impress upon its subscribers Facebook’s interesting view of reality. No thanks, young Master Zuckerberg, you can trust your adult subscribers to think for themselves. Zuckerberg and Twitter boss Jack Dorsey are obviously in over their heads, behaving more like partisan hacks than real leaders, which we could really use right now. Look elsewhere.

Here is an interesting alignment: the national Democratic party, MSM, and Big Tech all actively working for Mr. Biden. Then there is Wall Street, who donated tens of millions of advertising dollars to the Biden campaign. Why was this election so close?

It has to do with the new Republican coalition of working class voters, and a growing base of Latino, African American, and American Asians tired of empty promises from the Democratic Party which, while it  never wearies of calling President Trump a racist and a white supremacist, are themselves lily white. The Republicans have as many, if not more, skin colors than the Dems.

We were solemnly assured that a Blue Wave would crash against the present power structure, magically transforming the House, Senate, and Presidency into bastions of left wing wokeness. Instead, the Republicans kept the Senate, and expanded their strength in the House. The Presidency will likely go to Biden, but probably through the courts, not by acclamation.  Biden has the popular vote, ,and perhaps the electoral vote as well, depending on the outcome of Arizona, Georgia, and legal challenges to Pennsylvania and perhaps Michigan and Nevada.

The neo liberal faction of American politics is the current reigning establishment: Google, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, the MSM and Wall Street have aligned themselves with the Democratic party, progressives, and fringe (mostly white) mobs of Antifa and BLM who, interestingly, are still rioting. They hate Trump but they have no love for Biden either. Their real love seems to rest in breaking things, including people’s lives.

Donald Trump’s chances of continuing as president is at best a slim hope. But at least we had four years, and if it wasn’t for COVID 19, we would have more. There are several Trump policies I have affinity for. First, his Mid East peace deals that earned the Orange Man two nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. No, you didn’t hear the media report on that. 

Trump also favored pulling troops out of Afghanistan, but was blocked by a bipartisan congress. Biden is not in favor of bringing anyone home.

Then there are the 200 federal court judges appointed by President Trump, and three Supreme Court justices. No activist courts here, which I see as a good thing. Trump also seemed committed to decreasing unemployment numbers for African Amerivcans and Latino Americvans. And he delivered on both counts. 

Before the pandemic the American economy was the envy of the world. Perhaps it will be again, although Biden’s plan to raise taxes is bound to hurt small and medium size businesses. 

But what I liked best about Donald Trump is the way he called out MSM for the lying frauds they are. Fake news all the way around with these corrupt organizations. For four years MSM had a mirror held up to their self-important faces. I personally cannot get enough of the chant “CNN sucks.” Did the MSM deeply resent Trump calling them on their lies and distortions? Oh my yes. They were at times choked with outrage, and resorted to being as unprofessional a group of spoiled, lying hacks as they are in real life. I can die happy after seeing Trump dismantle the MSM, their ludicrous, wildly inaccurate “polling,” their psychotic advocacy of defunding the police, their aiding and abetting of rioting and looting (“peaceful protesters”), and their pipe dreams about a “Blue Wave.” 

I’m pulling for Trump to somehow pull out a victory. But if he doesn’t, I hope that in four years he either runs again or finds someone with the energy and determination to beat the establishment at their own crooked games. Thanks Orange Man, there are many Americans who appreciate your service and are truly grateful for your time in office.

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