Making America Orange Again

After leaving the Left I’ve only looked back to remind myself what a dumpster fire the whole movement is. And it is getting worse.

Originally it was political correctness and the terrible treatment of the Left towards Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas that drove me from the movement. Today political correctness is still an issue, but there is an entirely new laundry list of insanity. 

For example: groups like Antifa and their catchy slogan “Punch a Nazi today.” What qualifies you as a Nazi? Disagreeing with Antifa – about anything. Just last week Antifa beat an African American for supporting President Trump. And yes, as they were punching his teeth out Antifa called their victim the ‘N’ word too. Charming people, no?

Then there is BLM – the Marxist movement, not the quest for justice for George Floyd.  Under cover of righteousness, BLM members (mostly young whites) riot and loot minority businesses and attack police and anyone else in their way. They are well funded and armed. There is film of piles of bricks mysteriously appearing on streets, and trucks full of shields for the rioters to use, along with Molotov cocktails and guns.

Incredibly, left liberal city leaders think the problem is that there are too many police in the city. Defunding the police is resulting in record numbers of violent crimes in cities across the country.

Then there is the rise of cancel culture, and big Tech’s censorship of any speech not left wing enough for the overlords. The left is the establishment now, and their sickening aberrations are on full uncensored display. 

 The sheer volume of truly terrible ideas coming from the Leftist establishment, including a sympathetic media, is remarkable. The violence, the destruction, the loss of life, the extreme lawlessness coming from the Left, and their demented attempts to justify it all, is truly repulsive. The result is that Orange Man looks better and better.

Who could have guessed that the bete noir of the Left is a former liberal New York millionaire who is now championing a populist conservatism millions of Americans have rallied around. Compare the crowds of thousands of happy, exuberant Trumpsters to the handful of listless Democrats attending Joe Biden’s (very few) public appearances. 

Biden’s nomination as Democratic presidential candidate is completely ironic. Here is the totally PC, multicultural center of American politics, and the best the Democratic party can come up with is a virtually decrepit old white man who isn’t always sure what town he is in, much less which office he is running for (more than once he has claimed he is running for Senator).

 It is not Joe Biden’s fault that he has cognitive issues, but the result is the promotion of Kamala Harris to the role of incumbent President should Biden win the Presidency next month. There were few candidates during the Democratic primaries less appealing than Ms. Harris, a point she reminded us of during her debates with VP Mike Pence. She is not likable – at all. Her strongest feature is that she is less cognitively challenged than her running mate.

On the other side of the ledger is the nefarious Orange Man Bad, who according to our friendly and completely objective media, cannot get one single thing right. Although he has criticized white supremacy more than any American president (ever), he is still called a white supremacist by the media. He is consistently portrayed as incompetent, nasty, petty – in short, the source of all evil in the country, and perhaps the world. Since his election in 2016 the media’s coverage of the Trump presidency has been consistently over 90% negative.

Yet Mr. Trump has a loyal and expanding political base which includes larger percentages of Latino Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans than Republicans are used to attracting. This is not a good sign for Democrats.  

In their favor, however, the Left has mainstream media complicity and social media complicity,  along with recent cash infusions of tens of millions of dollars to Biden’s campaign by Wall Street. It may well be enough to carry them to victory in November. 

The media overlooks Biden’s relentless gaffes, his confusion, his ill tempered put downs of voters, who according to Joe “don’t deserve to know” prior to election day whether he intends to pack the Supreme Court if he wins. Imagine media reaction if Mr. Trump said something like that. 

Imagine something else. Imagine Joe Biden appearing before tens of thousands of happy, exuberant, boisterous supporters who spontaneously break into chants of ;We “love you.” Hard to imagine? It is hard to imagine either candidate evoking such heartfelt emotion from their followers. Yet the Orange Man’s crowds invariably break into chants of “We love you, we love you,” and the Orange Man answers, “I love you too.”

I was struck by this feature of Trump’s audiences. It touched my heart. I don’t love the Orange Man, but I don’t have Trump derangement syndrome either. Trump is not perfect, and he has made mistakes. He has also done good things, particularly with the economy, his foreign policy, and the appointment of judges who interpret the law, not create their own laws.

At the very least, the positive tone of Trump rallies are a welcome relief from the bitterly accusatory Left and their sarcastic elitism. There is no room for sentiment in politics, but I don’t care. This November, my vote is going to where the love is. Come on everyone, let’s make America Orange Again.

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