Rush to the Right

Rush Limbaugh awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
Rush Limbaugh receives Medal of Honor at State of the Union Address by President Trump

I reacted with sadness to the news that Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer. I heard it from the man himself, not that I listen to him anymore, but a clip of his statement found its way onto the Fox News web site covering the story.

Limbaugh’s voice still sounds strong, perhaps a bit more weathered than I remember. My memories of Rush go back to his beginnings on the EIB radio network, and his ads for Snapple. I even remember Rush’s attempt at a television career, which proved television is not Rush’s vehicle.

I remember painting garages in between careers. I’d have a radio next to my paint cans, and listen to Rush belting out his favorites likes and dislikes. It was quite a coincidence discovering Rush at the exact same time I was beginning my walk away from the left. I was a new dad and it took that new life in my life to reveal to me how horrible abortion is. That was part of my walk away.

The other part had to do with Clarence Thomas. The left smeared him on national TV. It was a total hit job at the eleventh hour, just as Thomas was sailing through the Senate confirmation hearings. Good old Ted Kennedy was up there, sitting in judgment of a man who was his moral superior. I thought Thomas was a good man. He was also pro-life, which I was fine with .

What happened to Thomas was a dress rehearsal for the Kavanaugh hearings. It was despicable then, and it is still despicable now. The Left’s claims of the moral high ground when they use dirty tricks to destroy people they disagree with politically is just more evidence of their moral depravity.

That’s a bit hyperbolic, but you get the picture. As Thomas was being “lynched by the left”, Limbaugh roared out his disapproval, and gave millions of confused conservatives direction and support for our point of view. In the end, Thomas was confirmed by the narrowest of margins. It was bittersweet. But I credit Rush with helping me understand what we are up against in our country. I wrote Justice Thomas a congratulatory letter, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a gracious reply.

Personally, I think the left misfired with Kavanaugh. There is no evidence he is going to help overturn Roe v. Wade. He is more likely to view that terrible case as precedent that deserves respect. Rush disagrees with that, and so do I and millions of other Americans.

Now Rush has advanced lung cancer. It would not surprise me if he beat it, although it might cost him his radio career to survive. But Rush, I want to thank you for helping to confirm my walk away from the Left. I haven’t listened to Rush’s show for a very long time, but he was there when I needed some guidance. And I will always be grateful to him for that.

So I was gratified to see President Trump give Limbaugh the Medal of Honor. It couldn’t have happened to a more rewarding man, and at just the right time as well. Maybe it is time to retire, but I have the feeling that Rush Limbaugh will be proclaiming his version of the truth until he’s in the ground.

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