Loony Tunes on the Left

My last post on the Senate Judiciary Committee ran long, and I’m guessing many readers didn’t make it to the end. So I wanted to reprint the end, because I think it exemplifies everything on the left I am so glad I left.

One of the last things the Senate Judiciary Committee did was refer to the Justice Department three names to follow up on with a criminal investigation regarding “potential violations of Senate rules, potential witness tampering, and potential false statements made to the Committee in violation of federal law.”

Who are the three? Julie Swetnick, Attorney Michael Avenatti, and Judy Munro-Leighton. Munro-Leighton has already admitted she made up the claims that Kavanaugh forcefully raped her. She now says she never even met Justice Kavanaugh. Munro-Leighton is reportedly a left-wing activist angered by the nomination of a supposedly conservative Justice to the Supreme Court. She is also seventy years old: decades older than Kavanaugh.

As for Ms. Swetnick, she has alleged that Kavanaugh was a gang rapist. Proof? She went to ten parties where she claims that Kavanaugh participated in gang rape activities, mostly handing out (and possibly spiking) alcoholic beverages. Question: Why would a woman keep attending gang rape parties, and never report the illegal and immoral behaviors to the authorities? And how could the FBI have missed Kavanaugh’s “serial rapist” activities during the six previous criminal background checks they ran on the judge? Testimony by others who know Swetnick cast serious doubt on her testimony – and her mental health.

Then there is Michael Avenatti, an attorney and Democratic activist who represented Stormy Daniels in her defamation suit against President Trump. Mr. Avenatti blossomed under the media attention.  During his numerous press conferences, Avenatti took so many shots at the President that some Democrats talked about him running for President in 2020.

The bloom came off that rose pretty fast. Daniels/Avenatti lost their suit against Trump and were ordered to pay Trump’s legal fees. Then Avenatti lost another lawsuit brought against him by a former legal partner. A judge found that Avenatti stiffed his former partner and ordered him to pay the partner back over two million dollars.

But there is more. Just this week Avenatti was arrested for domestic abuse after his estranged wife, who reportedly had a “swollen and bruised” face along with red marks on each cheek, filed felony domestic assault charges against Mr. Avenatti. At this writing, the former heartthrob of the Democratic party is in jail.

So shall the same standard of proof the left extended to Judge Kavanaugh be extended to Michael Avenatti? Ouch. That would mean that Avenatti is automatically guilty, guilty, guilty.

Avenatti, Swetnick, Munro-Leighton. It is this cast of clowns the mainstream media initially reported on with great sincerity and almost breathless excitement. Of course, “the rest of the story” is not being reported on at all, Now that each clown has had their quota of mischief, they are discarded like old toys. Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, game over. On to the next fake news story.

You can’t make this stuff up. Just one more reason I left the left.

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