For Writers

Writing is the process of creating something, of going where the facts or evidence of the story take me, to be truthful, snappy, poignant, or whatever the story seems to call for at any given moment, to be in support of the story, to serve the story by crafting the words in the most readable fashion.

How wonderful that we have this maddening, beautiful, difficult, exhilarating, frustrating, mysterious, transformative ability to create worlds out of words.”

Before putting pen to paper, or before putting fingers to keyboard, think a moment:

What do you really want to write about?


you have an idea for an article or a story and you want to get something on paper, to get a start to it.  but there is something stopping you

But what do you really want to write about? isn’t there something raw and unnamed in your barely conscious imagination, something pure and real and you want to find it and name it and explore it

Writing is hunting for those raw pearls…the story behind or underneath everything else you end up writing about…to be a real writer is to figure out what is underneath your story and bring it out.

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